Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Is Your Tree Up or Down?

Is your tree up or down no that Christmas is over?
I love having Christmas trees up so I am not one to hurry and take down right after.

I enjoy the sparkle of the lights and just the fun feeling it gives to a room.

I know this maybe a an over load but here is my tree from different angles.
Oh and this one is before I hung my valance.

Look at the sparkle....
who wouldn't like to sit by a light Christmas tree.

If watching TV or stitching in the rocker the lights are just so fun.

I really enjoy putting up the tree and seeing the decorations again every year.

I even enjoy the christmas pillows and quilts we pull out each year.

I have so much fun deciding where to hang some of the quilts too!

I have a tree in my bedroom and the living room too!

Yes I did 3 trees this year and I am not ready to take down any of them.
How about you?