Sunday, August 9, 2015

Canning Party


Every year when I am canning I always think this
would be so much more fun to do as a party!
*I would only invite a few so not walking into each other.
*And pick the funniest hard worker friends.
*You could make invites a that looked like labels,
but you have to have cute labels.
*Making labels is as much fun for me as the canning.
Then it's really fun if it comes from everyone's garden.
* assign someone to bring cute lids and rings.
I have seen some really cute ones out there.
Since I didn't have the party mine are the regular ones.

* Make a cute dish towel and hotpad for everyone!

Then share all your hard work!

Someday I am going to do it this way!


Monday, August 3, 2015

Hanging Clothes!

So pretty! All done and using this Wonderful
Clothesline "That Man of Mine" made for me!
I know I left you waiting to see the next step.
Wood putty and sanding then on to painting.

Oh wait ....
You have to see how tall before going into the ground!
Look where Kelly is pointing....
thats where it gets buried to.


I love how creative "that Man of Mine" can be.
I think its a work of Art.
Good thing I made a darling clothes pin bag to hang on it!!

Starting with a table cloth!
Kelly got me 56 clothes pins and he thinks I will need more....
I had to remember my system
the clothes pin bag goes to the side
 you are going moving down.

Now I have the hang of it!

I love it! I have so many fun memories about hanging
clothes when  was young.
 And leaving the laundry up through the rain a few times.

Its in and my first laundry basket full.
I think I have plenty of lines.

Fresh smelling Sheets and table cloths!

I have the best Husband ever!!!
Next I should share my Laundry Soap Recipe!
I think I love making it way more than washing clothes.