Thursday, June 29, 2017

Friday, May 5, 2017

Birthday Visit

There is nothing better than getting a car for your birthday
and getting to drive down and say hi to all your animal friends!
The animals were very curious and did come closer to see.
Adaline loves to walk down and visit them but today
she drove! lol

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Sewing Room Getting New Look

I have the best husband EVER!
For Christmas he made me a new sewing table!
I am left handed and I wanted an "L" shaped
sewing table so I could use my sewing machine and
my embroidery machine at the same time.
And it had to be done with my sewing machine
base I have had forever. He had fixed it to be used with my
machine years ago.

So he added another base to it and it only had 3 good drawers
so he connected them together!
And when I got it these knobs were all brown and
so he polished them up and they look beautiful.

He made the table so it locks together like kitchen tables
do so I can separate them if I want to.
So I can sew with someone else if I want to.

I think it turned out perfect!
And my wire basket looks just right with it. 

I am all set up and ready to go!

Kelly cut me a board the perfect size to cover for a
pressing board and it now in the perfect spot.

I got some of the room cleaned up.
lol never ending job....

I love the TV stand Kelly made too!

This corner will have a new table soon.
 He's making me another one so my girls can sew in
my room with me.
Its going to be the cutest table too!

My shelves are a bit messy right now but I want you to see
how cute Kelly made them for me too.
He matched the trim of the shelves to make them match.
That door on the right is and ironing board.

An clean cutting
that wont last!

If I could think of something else to use besides these I would.
But they are full of everything from patterns to ribbons so not sure what else to use.

I also like they are stackable so through the years I have rearranged
them several times.

I do have a thing for dress forms.
I will post more sewing room pictures when the other table is done.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017


This was my drive into work.

I moved here 3 years ago and it snow that winter and it didn't last to long.
It hadn't snowed again until this year.

And it hasn't stopped. Its been a very weird winter.
I am watching it snow now
from office and really hoping it stops soon.
It beautiful but I don't really enjoy it when
I have to go outside.