Sunday, October 16, 2016

Babydoll Southdown

We are so lucky to have Babydoll Southdowns on our farm.

They are the sweetest animals and are always smiling.

Our two white ones are girls names Bernice LaFleece and Dolly Madison.
We have 1 weathered boy named Sir Lambsalot.
it is so fun to listen to them baaa and just watch them.
we will be mixing their fiber in with our alpacas.
I think we have found the best animals for our fiber farm.
And next year we will add a boy so we can have baby lambs.

I love My Alpacas


 Wooly Wonka



These our our youngest alpacas and what could be cuter!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Stuck on Baby Bionic Gear Bag

I decided to try the Baby Bionic Bag.
I love my full size one.

I used scraps to make the outside. This is one of my favorite fabrics.
But I am stuck right at this point.
The sides are done the same as the Bionic Gear Bag and if I do the zipper as the directions say everything will fall out the sides.
So I am trying to decide if it needs a short zipper or higher sides.
Has anyone made this yet that has a solution?

It is the cutest bag I just don't want things to fall out.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Turkey Visitors

The turkeys just love getting on my bedroom porch....
I think they like to look at themselves in the window....hahahaha

And climbing on the rails is their favorite.
They like climbing on everything, tables, cars, trucks, planters, large rocks and even Kelly's saw horses.

They aren't the prettiest birds but they are very curious.

They like to be in on everything that goes on here.

This gray one just loves my daughter. Every time it comes around her you see
more puffing up than ever.

No puffing up for me.

Thursday, October 6, 2016


This is my favorite machine!
I do have 2 black ones and they all sew the same,
but there is something about sewing on a machine that is such a fun color!
And nothing sews a straight line like this machine!