Monday, November 7, 2016

Poor Bernice LaFleece

Poor little Bernice was attacked by a dog.
But she keeps smiling, I think its now because she is getting to heal
right next to house and get lots and lots of special attention.

The dog got her back side and we couldn't see just
how bad it was until we shaved her.
and the medicine we spray on her turns purple.
so she looks a bit funny right now.

She doesn't mind getting the medicine sprayed
on her at all if there is plenty to eat.
It a nice distraction.
I think Dr.'s should offer chocolate before shots.
It couldn't hurt....

I don't think she is going to like having to back down with the other sheep,
she is getting very spoiled.
She just Baaaa's when she wants something ....
So glad she's healing so well....
dang dog

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