Thursday, July 24, 2014

Guest Room

We working on the Guest Room to get ready for a visit from "That Man of Mine's" sisters.
We are so excited for their visit and we want the Guest room to be very inviting.
Kelly started doing the cut in work with the paint and he got the ceiling painted too.
This room doesn't have closet doors. Why I am not sure, so I am trying to decide just what to do with the closet.

The room isn't real large but big enough. I am using 2 full size rod iron beds and going for an old fashion cozy feel.
The bed are not the same so we'll see how that works out.
I have quilts to put on the beds but they won't be the same either.
I bought lace curtains for the window. And I found a really sweet little old fashion clock to add to the night stand.
I am so stuck on what to do with the closet so I am not to focused on much else. 
That closet has me baffled. I am thinking I want to do something fun, but I am just not sure just what.
We on my way over to Pinterest to get some ideas.
Chat at you later!

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