Sunday, August 10, 2014

Welcome In

I thought I had a an entry way picture from when we were painting but the only one I had was from the day we viewed the house before we bought it. We each bring ourselves to the place we live.

This is me!
 I love dress forms and you will see them probably in almost every room.

Some of my dress forms are on stands and some just sit.

This little music box needed the right place and I think this is it!

The chest is really my file drawers. 
I love this piece of furniture and it matches my desk. 
You will see the desk as more rooms unfold.
This is my mark on this sweet little house.
Starting to feel more and more like home!


  1. It is looking very cute. As I was reading through some earlier posts you recommended a paint sprayer. I have been debating buying a paint sprayer for a while. I can't seem to find the model you recommended on amazon. Would you be able to supply a link to the model you have. The reviews on paint sprayers are so varied and that is why I have delayed buying one. Thank you so much. I have some ceilings to paint in my future. Janita

    1. We bought ours at Lowe's and we love love love it!

  2. I love dress forms, too! Would you please share the pattern for your dress form quilt? I've only seen one other like it. Thank you! Your entry is lovely.

    1. Its an Black Mountain Quilt Pattern. It was very easy to do.