Saturday, November 29, 2014

Have You Made The "Bag" Yet

I had so much fun making the Bionic Gear Bag.
If you haven't made one yet you should.
It holds Everything.

And it looks so cute all closed up.

The front opens to a shelf like front and to show you how big I set my huge tomato pincushion on the front.

The pockets can hold your scissors and threads and everything.
If you haven't seen it go to:

It wasn't as hard as it looks so don't be scared!


  1. Hello Debbie! So excited you started up another blog! I am so inspired by all that you do especially your sewing and quilting! And you have a long arm! You are so lucky! I hope to start my first quilt in January. I am going to make a jelly roll quilt! Oh and I see that you have moved from UT to WA. Very exciting! Will continue to follow you here and there. Wish we lived close to each other! I would love you to teach me how to quilt! Hugs, Maryjane

    1. Thank you so Much Maryjane. You blog has always been one of my very taught me how to laundry soap!