Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Retreat Ready!

My sewing machine needed a table.

And since I am getting ready to go to a retreat over in Bellingham. 
I decide to get a portable table for my cute little purple featherweight.
SewEzi is the one I decide on and I am soooo Glad!!!
It comes with a bag and has wheels to help move it.
And the table top is very nice.

The bag even looks cool.

Looks so good! I better sew something!

I need a cover to protect from dust!

Front with a pocket. I love this fabric line!

The Back.
Well I love this table and my machine didn't move or jiggle at all.
And it looks pretty good with my machine in it.

Henry kept stealing my chair every time I got up!
You can go see the table at:


  1. WOW! It's so cool that it has purple legs to match your beatiful Featherweight. My favorite color is purple, LOVE IT! Henry is so cute, I'm always happy when my Sandy comes in to help me sew. She's a 60+ lb collie and stretched out takes up a lot of quilt room floor space but we have fun. Great setup, have and enjoy. ;-> Toni Anne

  2. Hi,love your machine, had my featherweight stolen and want to replace it, where did you get your purple machine?