Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sewing Room Before

Lime Green and old carpet...
So out came the carpet...
Off came the molding...

We painted the ceiling " Heirloom Lace"
the walls are " Holiday in Barbados"
with names like that my sewing room should be an amazing place to retreat!
I often wonder if people start picking colors by names instead of color.

Each picture looks a different color...not sure why.
But it is the most like the bottom one.

Kind of a bright soft teal with a blue tint.
LOL can you imagine that...

I am using Handmaidens line and pictures.
I just love this line.

I am using these for the curtains...
Well either the yellow or blue....
I can't decide which should be the under the valance ruffle.
Any suggestions?
Tomorrow we start the floor!
Black and white checked!
Can't wait....

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