Sunday, August 24, 2014

San Juan Islands

I have gotten several emails asking where I live and to post pictures.
I live in the San Juan Islands, on the furthers away island in Friday Harbor.
This is a picture from a plane looking down at the islands.

To get here you need to ride a ferry. 

But the view getting here is wonderful! I really enjoy the ferry rides. They are very peaceful and calming. And the scenery is to die for.

Sometimes if you are lucky you are the car in the front.
When that happens I just stay in my car and pretend I am driving the boat!
I always get us there just

I just love watching these funny birds while you wait for the ferry to pull out.

Friday Harbor!

My driveway.
I just love where we live and the one below is our back yard.
So quiet and peaceful here.

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  1. Beautiful! Enjoy your new home and surroundings!