Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sewing room Is Finished!

This is my sewing room completely done!
Well I am not done unpacking into it, but that will take a while.
I m so excited to have it done. 
I love my ironing board, it looks like a cupboard until you open it!
It can turn side to side also.
And that Man of Mine put shelves in the closet and decorated the top for me!

I just love having all these shelves for my fabric.
I am still waiting for the folding ferries to get here and finish folding all my fabric.

I love having my sewing machine in front of the window so I get more light.
I can watch and make sure Henry doesn't run off down the road.
He likes to follow other dogs when the walk by....

My long arm fits along this wall and I was so glad it fit.
On the wall is a chalk board so I can make notes when I need to.
Love it!

This is how it all started.
Lime green and worn out carpet.
Then no carpet and a new paint color
"Holiday in Barbados".

Carpet then vinyl
I love the checkered floor. I think it makes a much funnier room!
Especially for a sewing room!

See so much fun!
but the decorating was so much fun....
even if I got in the Man of Mine's way.
LOL good thing he's used to it!

He had the shelf 1/2 way done when I had him hanging pictures and the chalk board.
He's the best complaining or anything!

See how cute the closet turned out!
I love the top and all the shelves.
Kelly is the best!

Yes he hung a quilt before he was done with the shelf......hahahaha I just couldn't wait.
he only needed 1/2 of the ladder rail for the top not all of it.
My design wall and ironing board cupboard look so good with the frame that Man of Mine made!
He knows what I like and just makes it!
I am very lucky!

I found the cutest wall decal and that Man of Mine put it up!
Kelly made me a frame that I added a piece of the fabric from the line I am using to decorate with.
My friend gave me this teapot and I just love it.

I am not to sure of the curtains yet but this was before I put a tie back on them.

Dress forms are one of my favorite thing. I have been collecting them for years.
When I saw this fabric line I knew it would be perfect to go with my dress forms and sewing machines. I covered the ironing board with fabric from the line.
Love it!

I love the chandelier above my cutting table. 
That Man of mine isn't happy with the TV shelf so he is working on adding more to make it better.
I will post an update when he is done! 
Stop by soon,


  1. Ohhh your room is lovely! I need a hubby like Kelly! I would still love to come visit!

  2. Debbie, your sewing room is amazing! It looks like a great move.

  3. Lovely room and your floor is awesome.

  4. Oh so beautiful!!! He has done a great job!!! I know you will enjoy it for years. Give that man of yours a little kiss for a job well done:)

  5. Love it! Am really jealous! You are giving me incentive to at least clean up and organize my sewing room. Thanks a bunch for sharing with us. HUGS... and stitches

  6. I want to come live in that room. Pretty please! :) blessings, marlene

  7. Awesome! What a great sewing room! I am sooo jealous that you live where you do! What a beautiful place. The Pacific Northwest is a great place to play...and live! Will you be at the PNW Quilt Expo in north Portland this coming week? =)


  8. I have the very same treadle base, but mine still has the treadle machine in working order so I hate to switch it out for my Pfaff, but just in case. How did you change the sewing table to fit your current machine?