Monday, September 1, 2014

Sewing Room Update

We are getting there, and I hope to be done with everything but unpacking into the room in the next few days. I love the floor, I was a bit worried about the wall color when we put in a few tiles and my floor looked black and blue. But when it was all in it was back to black and white. The cupboard next to shelves is a ironing board! Open the door and out it comes!

1/2 the shelf is up here, it goes across the room. I am going to put old sewing machines and other sewing stuff up there.

Kelly and Henry putting together my long arm. I can't wait for this to ready I have at least 20 quilts waiting to be

yes I did make that Man of Mine hang pictures before he was done painting trim.
What can I say....I couldn't wait!

The cubes are in but empty.....I wish the unpacking Ferries would show up.
The black scroll-y looking thing on the wall is a chalk board decal.
Love it! 
I will be back with more pictures as we progress!

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